🏔 Aryze is an asset-backed stablecoin layer, with cross-chain unified liquidity and revenue sharing.

Our asset-agnostic approach enables limitless tokenization possibilities, ranging from FIAT to commodities, passing by CBDC’s, bonds and stocks. Each token is fully collateralized by tangible real-world assets, ensuring security in value.

We are currently live with the first generation of E-Assets, fully collateralized stablecoins, eUSD, eEUR, eGBP, and eSGD.

What makes us unique?

1. Interoperability

Unlike traditional stablecoin providers such as Paxos or Circle, Aryze's stablecoins, known as E-Assets, offer liquidity-level interoperability. This means that E-Assets can be exchanged directly, without relying on traditional exchanges or liquidity pools. This unique burn-and-mint process, powered by Chainlink for accurate market prices, ensures seamless and cost-effective transactions.

2. Unified Liquidity

E-Assets (Aryze's stablecoins) share a single unified liquidity pool infrastructure, offering unprecedented cost-efficiency when swapped for other tokens.

Any newly created E-Asset automatically taps into this unified liquidity, ensuring low slippage and a healthy market from the start.

The $RYZE token is the cornerstone of this liquidity unification.

3. Transparency & Solvency

At Aryze, we ensure transparency and security through monthly public financial audits by third parties like Grant Thornton. We are also launching a daily solvency bot and on-chain proof-of-reserves. This approach provides unmatched transparency, particularly for clients issuing branded stablecoins such as loyalty coins, CBDCs, tokenized deposits, and private business payment tokens.

4. Revenue sharing

While stablecoin providers generate revenue from the yield on backing assets, Aryze takes this a step further by implementing incentives and revenue sharing at the protocol level. 50% of the revenues generated by Aryze are destined to buy-back $RYZE from the open market. Half of the purchased $RYZE are burned and the other half is used as incentives to liquidity providers and other ecosystem participants. See more in What are Vaults?

What's next? 👀

Recommended entry points to discover Aryze:

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Enjoy the journey! 🧙‍♂️

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